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We Design/Build Your Health Plan.

The design of your plan depends on your industry, your specific objectives and group demographics. We assist you in defining your objectives and identifying your groupneeds and build that into your healthcare plan.

BMC Design/Build, The Purpose:

To provide a customized employee health and benefits plan that supports your company objectives, meets the needs of your employees, is affordable to you and your employees and may be modified in response to changing internal and external factors affecting the company.

BMC Design/Build, The Process:

To develop a benefit plan containing multiple options (e.g., HSA’s, HRA’s, vision plan, life insurance, disability insurance, retirement planning, etc.), recommended risk management structures and other cost-saving control strategies.

We then invite excess carriers to bid on your plan, and we evaluate their offers and capacity to carry out their proposed plan(s).

BMC Design/Build: Primary Features

BMC maintains services your account throughout the plan year, reviews claims administrators’ reports, keeps abreast of changes in the insurance industry, and how those may affect your plan. We evaluate the plan’s effectiveness and suggest changes that enhance your objectives and effectively contain plan costs. Some of these include:

  • evaluation of plan design and ongoing plan performance;
  • strategies to further reduce plan costs and increase plan quality and accountability;
  • multiple plan options, including consumer driven health plans (HRA’s, HSA’s, etc.)
  • assistance with controversial and shock claims and claim administrators;
  • accounting for every dollar spent (premium, claims, commissions, overhead, etc.);
  • ancillary products (vision, life insurance, dental, LTD insurance, retirement plans, etc.)

BMC Key Benefit: We Work With You To Take Control of Your Health Plan

You regain control of plan design, accountability and costs, while preserving employee satisfaction, performance, and maintaining a competitive edge in recruiting quality employees.
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