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Every employer has tough decisions to make at the annual renewal of the healthcare plan, regardless of what carrier is used or in what state(s) one’s business is located: 

  •  should we swallow the outrageous premium increase again this year; or 
  •  once again pass more costs on to the employees; or 
  •  just drop coverage all together and let each employee do their own thing? 

In the meantime the government is trying to take control of healthcare, offering the charm of the IRS, the economies of the Defense Department and the efficiency of the postal service!

None of these options is a fix for this growing healthcare crisis, nor do they help your retain quality people in your corporate family.
 For the employer to be successful in this effort there are four basic areas the employer needs to control (rather than allowing the insurance carrier to control them):

  • Administration of Claims
  • Accountability/Cost Control
  • Plan Design Flexibility
  • Industry Expertise

By exploring different group health insurance plans from multiple leading health insurance companies, Benefit Management Consultants is able to compare rates and benefits to find the right coverage for your business.



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